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We do encourage you to take pictures from near where your place is and send them to us here so that version  we can send to you. Just E-mail us. The "NAVIGATE" toolbar to the left is in chronological order from top to bottom. A special thanks to LINDA HARRISON and BRIAN STEISS for their picture contributions. 


The Lake continues to change,  but the real Muldrew has not. It's all about people and friends. Share your experience by inviting a friend or two from the City. Andrea knows all about them as you can see from her Story below. They'll quickly learn to appreciate this place in Muskoka. Anyhow, we've got lots of pictures from various sources and more stories from Andrea Anthony-Luke too.

Enjoy Muldrew and keep in touch by checking here regularly.

We've added a great new award-winning photographer from South Lake. Click on the Brian Steiss Collection to see a few of his pictures.  

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